Do You Have Questions About the Safety of Dental Amalgam/Silver Fillings?

You are not alone. Amalgam fillings are approximately %50 mercury. The safety of mercury fillings is currently one of the most controversial questions among dentists and patients. As a young dental graduate, Dr. Scott had the same questions, so he became educated on the topic, dedicating his time to learning about the effects of dental mercury. He now tries to share his findings with his patients, colleagues and community. Use our Safe Mercury Removal Dental Guide to understand how to protect yourself from dental mercury vapor.

Are Mercury Fillings Safe? Mercury fillings emit dangerous mercury vapor.

We do Mercury Differently

Because it is Better for the Earth

& Better for your Whole Body Health.

Better for Your Whole Body Health — Dr. Taylor is acutely aware of the large exposure to mercury when removing old amalgam fillings. He uses ten additional barriers to protect you by reducing the amount of mercury exposure during amalgam removal. When Dr. Taylor removes old amalgam (mercury) fillings he uses the most current practices available for “Safer Mercury Removal” to reduce the amount of toxic mercury vapors and particles that you and our staff are exposed to.
Our office has advanced training in Safer Mercury Removal, and Dr. Taylor has completed the rigorous training  needed to be distinguished as an Accredited Member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT).  He is the only accredited member of IAOMT–  in San Luis Obispo County.


Better for the Earth — Additionally, our office is concerned with Environmental Pollution from Dental Mercury Waste. To dispose of Dental Mercury Waste in an environmentally responsible way we have installed an amalgam separator to remove the mercury before it enters our local water supply. California State law does not require dentists to do anything about the mercury that they remove from patients mouths.  Most of it goes directly down the suction hose into the local water supply.

The Environmental Protection Agency is currently working with congress to try to require the installation of mercury separators to prevent the toxic waste from entering the water supply. Please read this article from the United States Environmental Protection Agency to learn more about the effects of Dental Mercury Waste on our environment.







Current News About Mercury in Dentistry —  5 April 2011

In an extraordinary developments that will change the global debate about amalgam, the United States government has announced that it supports a “phase down, with the goal for eventual phase out by all Parties, of mercury amalgam.” This statement- a radical reversal of its former position that “any change toward the use of dental amalgam is likely to result in poitive public health outcomes” — is part of the U.S. government’s submission for the upcoming third round of negotiations for the world mercury treaty.*    Charles G. Brown



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