Dental Ozone Therapy

Dental Ozone TherapyOzone is a natural disinfectant.  It is made of energized oxygen. In water and in tissues, ozone creates oxidizers.  These oxidizers kill disease-causing bacteria because they lack oxidative enzymes.  The ozone also opens blood vessels supplying the area, which increases healing.

Ozone in our dental office.

Before the antibiotic era, physicians used ozone to treat infection.

  • Ozonated pre-treatment rinse

Before cleanings and dental treatment ozonated water is available as a pre-treatment rinse.  This pre-treatment rinse significantly brings down the intra-oral microbial population.  A cleaner oral cavity helps reduce the risks of systemic and local infection after dental treatment.

  • During extractions

After infection and granulation tissue are cleared from the extraction site, ozone gas is insufflated into the socket.  This disinfects the site targeting anaerobic bacteria often responsible for causing bone infections.  Additionally, ozone gas is a vasodilator with brings needed blood to the area for needed platelets and immune support.  We also ozonate bone grafts after placement.

  • Before pulp caps

If decay has come close to the tooth’s nerve, a pulp cap helps the tooth heal.  Before placing the pulp cap, Dr. Taylor ozonates the exposure to further disinfect the site.  This means more conservative restorations for deep decay.

  • Dental recalcification

Some of our patients are interested in healing their teeth naturally through nutrition and change of lifestyle.  In cases where Dr. Taylor feels that dental recalcification is an option, the site of active decay is treated with ozone gas on multiple occasions to arrest the active decay.  With the decay no longer advancing — and through optimized nutrition — the body has the opportunity to recalcify the compromised site.