Ceramic (Zirconium) Dental Implant - Copy

Zirconia Implants

There are times that the tooth can not be saved and needs to be replaced. In most cases, teeth can be replaced with an artificial tooth called an implant. The implant attaches directly to your jaw bone, similar to a natural tooth. It is durable, attractive, and with proper placement — can last for decades. Dr. Taylor is educated and experienced in implant placement.  Implants can be used as an alternative treatment for failing root canals.  Also, Dr. Taylor can  place implants as an anchor for bridges or under your existing dentures so they’ll work more like natural teeth!

Ceramic (Zirconia) implants are the latest development in metal-free Swiss Implant technology.   Ceramic (Zirconia) implants are extremely similar to the condition of real teeth and tooth roots, they are highly bio-compatible and are tolerated very well by the gingiva.


Advantages to Ceramic  implants:

Zirconia (Ceramic) Dental Implants  -Laser Surface Design

Zirconia (Ceramic) Dental Implants
-Laser Surface Design

  • Free of metals and good biocompatibility
  • Naturally white and aesthetic
  • Very good gum regeneration
  • An alternative to root canals
  • Stronger than Titanium

If you want to know more about your options for beautiful, bio-compatible tooth replacement, call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Taylor.