Sustainability Minded

We believe in a clean world.  And that means considering more than sparkling white teeth! It means paying attention to what goes into the products we use and where they go when we’re done with them.

How are we Green?

Fossil Fuel Conservation Incentive Water

We use a specialized amalgam/mercury separator to collect the toxic waste from removing old silver (50% mercury) fillings. This allows us to retrieve and dispose of the mercury responsibly, instead of letting it go down the drain into our local water supply, which in turn burdens our public works.  Residual mercury in the public water supply goes on to become “sludge” which is used as fertilizer or incinerated — producing hazardous vapors.         >READ MORE


We reduce water waste by using a chemical free, steam based, surgical grade sterilization system and use biodegradable solutions to sterilize our exam areas.

Our office uses only digital X-Ray imaging which reduces your radiation exposure by 75%-90%.  This method also eliminates the need for toxic developing solutions and led foil used with traditional X-Rays.

Whenever possible we reduce the usage of disposable goods and instead use reusable-sterilizable, recyclable, sustainable, and biodegradable supplies.  It’s taken some creativity, but we think that you’ll like our alternatives, from shot classes for mouth wash to soft launderable chair barriers.


We encourage our staff and patients to help reduce carbon emissions.    If you travel to your appointment by a non fossil fuel method (foot, bike, skateboard, etc), you will receive $5 off your visit.  Or, if you travel to your appointment by San Luis Obispo Co. public transportation we will reimburse you the cost of your fare.  We are also a proud supporter of SLO  County Bike Coalition.  We we are a “bike friendly business”  with a bike rack and even a lock waiting for you at the front desk…just ask.

We value energy efficiency, from our office lighting to our Energy Star computers and appliances.

Annual Dental Practice Waste

California’s beautiful Central Coast is one of the few places left on the California Coast where you can see green grass, a blue ocean, and a simple road. We value clean, simple, and natural — for ourselves, our patients and environment.

When making decisions that affect us, our community and our environment, our office tries to do so as conscientiously as possible.  Some of the these considerations include limiting the amount of toxins, chemicals, waste, and disposable products  used in the office.  Our office is making large strides toward a dental office pattern of lower volume waste and  consumption.  Healthy people need  a healthy planet to live well.

We do our best to support local San Luis Obispo businesses in our business purchasing and in professional services, especially those who share our vision.



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