Biological/Mercury Free Dentist Listing

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The unique nature of  Dr. Taylor’s approach draws the interest of patients from all over the United States.  We frequently have patients traveling from out of  San Luis County and out of the state to see Dr. Taylor.  Over the years I have received many calls and emails from patients who are not interested in traveling out of their town/city but would like to find a like minded dentist — whom I would direct to any number of Dr. paid directory listings for Mercury Free or Biological/Holistic Dentists.  Out of a desire to create a free resource for our patients and like minded dentists I compiled a directory of Dr.s who refer to themselves as Mercury Free or Biological/Holistic dentists.  Because there is no governing body regulating what constitutes a Mercury Free or Biological/Holistic dentist you will need to do your own research to determine the nature of any of the providers in the following directory.  Keep in mind that “Mercury Free” is not the same as “Mercury Safe”.  Look here for Dr. Taylors reference guide to help you identify a dentist that practices safer mercury removal.