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  • Comprehensive Exams
  • BioCompatible Fillings/Onlays/Crowns/Bridges
  • Metal-Free Implants
  • Invisaling – Metal-Free Orthodontics
  • Safer Mercury Removal
  • Mini Implants and Supported Dentures/Bridges
  • Veneers and Cosmetic Restorations
  • Dental Materials Sensitivity Test
  • Biomimetic Restorations
  • Oral pH Monitoring
  • Same Day Porcelain Crowns 
  • Teeth Whitening –Flouride Free Formula

Many people’s bodies are sensitive to dental materials. Some more, some less.  So with all services we strive to reduce the effects of dental treatment on your body by introducing only those materials that your whole body is comfortable with.  We do this by conscientiously selecting all of the materials that we use in the office, and because no two patients are alike we offer materials pretesting to see if you have any existing allergies to dental materials.

Comprehensive Exams

Dr. Scott Taylor believes strongly in regularly performing visual oral exams.  In addition to checking your teeth, he inspects your jaws, gums, soft tissues, and tongue.  Dr. Taylor has specialized training in early oral cancer detection and helped some of his patients by identifying these signs while the cancers were still treatable.

We also use state of the art digital imaging for earlier and more accurate detection of tooth decay.  Digital imaging exposes you and our staff to far less radiation than traditional x-ray images. When the decay (decalcification) is detected early, it can often be reversed by

implementing some of our preventative techniques.  Dr. Taylor tries to be as conservative as possible when it comes to removing tooth structure because no restoration will work as well as your sound, natural tooth.

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure” .

These preventative measure can have huge life long effects on the over health of your mouth, and consequently your whole body.

Bio-Compatible Fillings/Onlays/Crowns

When the decayed has progressed to the point that a portion of the tooth needs to be removed, Dr. Taylor uses the most bio-compatible restoration materials available. We use only “silver”/mercury free filling material.  We have researched and selected restoration materials (composites and porcelains) which minimize byproducts in the body.Our fillings are tooth colored, which many patients appreciate for their aesthetic appearance in addition to the bio-compatible benefits.

Dr. Scott Taylor makes all restorations as “tooth like” as possible through modern biomimetic techniques.  Biomimetics pay special attention to the natural structure, function, and flexure of a tooth.

Onlays are like big fillings that are made outside of the mouth and then bonded to the tooth.  Two benefits to onlays are that they can be  made with ceramic (the most bio-compatible of all the dental restoration materials) and that onlays allow for greater tooth strength than a filling while removing far less tooth structure than a crown.  This is ideal because . . . nothing works as well as a natural tooth. The more natural tooth structure we can conserve, the better! For patients who are uncomfortable with composite filling materials, Dr. Scott Taylor can place porcelain (ceramic) onlays.

In the case where the decay is severe, but not yet to the nerve, Dr. Taylor will restore the tooth with a crown — which simply put — is like a hat.  Biomimetics play a crucial role in cases where a crown is being used to restored a cracked tooth.


There are times that the tooth can not be saved and needs to be replaced. In most cases teeth can be replaced with an artificial tooth called an implant.  The implant attaches directly to your jaw bone, just like a natural tooth.  It is durable, attractive, and with proper placement — can last for decades.  Dr. Taylor is educated and experienced in implant placement.  Implants can also be used under your existing dentures so they work more like natural teeth! Learn more about Metal-Free Dental Implants.

Mini Implants and Supported Dentures

While mini implants are the latest development in implant technology, Dr. Taylor is still looking for a system with the alloy purity he wants.  He currently recommends only traditional implants to support dentures.  When implants are used to support dentures, they act like a snap to anchor your denture securely in place.  In traditional dentures, it is left to your gums to try to hold the denture in place, which can cause your gums to become very sore.   With implants, the slipping and soreness is eliminated as your denture will be held firmly in place.

Conservative Cosmetic Restorations

A veneer is a thin layer of Porcelain that is customized to fit like a shell over your natural tooth.  They are mainly placed on front teeth to improve the aesthics of your smile. We use veneers when patients want to improve the appearance of gaps between teeth, miss-shapen,  permanetly stained, or broken/chipped teeth.  The procedure can usually be completed in two visits.

Dr. Taylor has found, though, that in many cases simple whitening and small aesthetic adjustments with less invasive composite material or “bonding” can yield dramatic results.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone’s teeth darken over time. The brightness of our teeth can also be affected by other factors; including certain foods, beverages, childhood illnesses and medications, improper oral hygiene and tobacco use. Our office has two methods for helping you brighten your smile.  You can choose to have your teeth whitened during a short one time office visit or we can fit your for custom gel trays for flouride free treatment at home. Both are comfortable, affordable, simple treatments.

Safer Mercury Removal/IAOMT Protocol 

When Dr. Taylor removes old amalgam (mercury) fillings he uses the most current practices available for safer mercury removal to reduce the amount of toxic Mercury vapors and particles that you and our staff are exposed to. Our office has advanced training in Safer Mercury Removal, and Dr. Taylor has completed the rigorous training needed to be distinguished as an Accredited Member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT). Take a look at out Safe Mercury Removal Dental Guide.

Dental Materials Test 

Because no two patients are alike, we offer this test to see if you have any existing allergies or sensitivities to dental materials. (Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing)

Biomimetic Techniques 

Biomimetic Techniques involve restoring teeth in a way that imitates your tooth’s natural, biological function, so the restoration acts more like a natural tooth.   Biomimetics pay special attention to the natural structure, function, and flexure of a tooth.

Oral pH Monitoring 

Acid can dissolve the protective enamel layer covering your teeth. The more acidic your oral pH is, the more susceptible your teeth are to the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. There are many factors that affect your oral pH; diet, stress and exercise are a few of them. Our oral pH is directly related to the health of our teeth.



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